Story of The Sir: Who am I?

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I like how correcting her kids creepy behavior doesn’t even matter to that mother.

This actually makes me very angry. It basically highlights everything wrong with the world. Instead of teaching boys not to look at women like that, women are taught not to dress provocatively so boys don’t get “distracted”. It makes me sick. 

bang bang

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He photoshopped himself on stage

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Fuck BET forever.

On 106 & Park Karrueche made a comment about Beyonce not combing Blue Ivy’s hair that apparently was written by one of BET’s writers. Shame on BET for promoting the self-hatred of Black women and their natural hair. And fuck BET for thinking it’s okay to make fun of a toddler. This is why no one relevant is associated with that network. BET is a disgrace to the Black community.

I hope Beyonce never sets foot on a BET Awards stage ever again. Fuck them.

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